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Friends of the National Parks: "Amigos de los Parques Nacionales"

Project Amigos de los Parques Nacionales (Friends of the National Parks)

“Don't be just a Tourist to our National Parks - Share our Passion!"

National Parks in Costa Rica
Costa Rica directly translates as „Rich Coast“, a suitable description given the breathtaking natural environment and impressive biodiversity. Fortunately, this natural wealth was recognized early on, and is protected increasingly well; over 25 percent of the country, for instance, are under protection within nature reserves and national parks. The latter offer visitors the opportunity to experience a perfect mix of adventure, natural beauty as well as informative and unforgettable experiences.
In order to maintain the parks for the future and enhance the visitor’s experience, the organisation “Amigos de los Parques Nacionales” invests in a multitude of corresponding initiatives.
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"Amigos de los Parques Nacionales" (Friends of the National Parks)
National Parks Costa Rica - Amigos de los Parques Nacionales„Amigos de los Parques Nacionales“ (Friends of the National Parks) was founded by the organizations ProParques, Fundecor and SINAC in order to give visitors the opportunity to contribute to the protection and preservation of Costa Rican national parks and enhance their experience.
Through a membership program, resources are collected in order to subsequently invest in the improvement of the visitor’s experience. Important projects in this area are for instance: the construction and maintenance of hiking trails, creation of interpretative signs for self-guided tours, optimization of the infrastructure, investments in park rangers (e.g. training, uniforms, etc.) and many other initiatives.

Tierra Verde supports „Amigos de los Parques Nacionales“ through the „Orchid Partner“ membership, by making donations with every purchase of National Park entrance fees and memberships for our clients. Different memberships are offered, e.g. the "Morpho" or "Turtle" memberships (Morpho: a huge, beautiful butterfly in shimmering shades of blue to turquoise).

Some of our trips already include a "Morpho" membership at a cost of $39 which includes the entrance fee to three of the participating national parks (within a time period of 14 days) for a value of $30; the remaining $9 are donated directly to the national parks.

The Morpho-Membership is ideal for a one- to two week holiday. For US$ 39, you will receive a membership card which grants you the following benefits:

  • Admission to 3 participating national parks
  • Valid for 14 days
  • A share of the membership fee ($9) is directly invested in Costa Rican national parks.
Friends of the National Parks Costa Rica - Morpho Membership

In case you are staying in Costa Rica longer than 2 weeks until a year, the Turtle-Membership is the perfect option. For a US$ 100 membership fee, you receive the following benefits:

  • Admission to 9 participating national parks
  • Valid for 1 year
  • Amigos de los Parques gift
  • Costa Rica map
  • A share of the membership fee is directly invested in Costa Rican national parks.
Friends of the National Parks Costa Rica - Turtle Membership

We would like to invite you to also take the opportunity to actively contribute to Costa Rica’s environmental conservation efforts by purchasing a membership card from this organization. Please ask us!

The following national parks participate in the initiative and memberships of "Amigos de los Parques Nacionales":


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