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"Chietón Morén" - Indigenous Handicraft at fair Prices


“Because we believe that another world is possible... we began to do our part to realize it.

(Quote: Chietón Morén)

“Chietón Morén” is a term translated from Boruca, the language of one of the Costa Rican indigenous communities, which means “fair contract” (since the Boruca language does not have a term for commerce). This expression perfectly describes the mission of this non-profit project: to have exposure of their handcrafted goods and a fair commerce with Costa Ricans and tourists alike.

Costa Rica is a country with a rich culture. The ancient art of its indigenous communities becomes apparent in unique handcrafted goods such as basketry, masks, ceramics, as well as dances, music, traditions and legends. Sadly enough however, nowadays those treasures are hidden away in indigenous communities in remote parts of the country, so that most Costa Ricans are not even aware of the richness of their own culture.

Therefore a group of indigenous Costa Ricans, which later formed the “Asociación de Productores Flor de Boruca” (Association of Producers from Flor de Boruca) set out on a quest for exposure on an equal and just foundation. In the past, indigenous communities had always suffered from their remote locations, a lack of interest of Costa Ricans as well as insensitivity on the part of intermediaries. Recognizing that a location in San José, the capital city, would be requisite for success, the association was invited to collaborate with the Dominican Parish church of Dolorosa in San José as well as various other volunteers and supporters.

Meanwhile, apart from a store in San José, the association has also co-founded a museum in which visitors can learn more about the indigenous Costa Rican culture. Costa Ricans as well as visitors are more than welcome at both the store and the museum to explore the true Costa Rican culture.

We are proud to announce that at the opening of the museum in August 2011, Tierra Verde has been the official sponsor of the exposition stand for the "San Vicente" (Nicoya Península) community. The stand and presentation of their artwork and traditional Chorotega pottery and ceramics has turned out beautiful!

In January 2017, Chieton Moren inaugurated a new location for the exposition, which is now accommodated in a recently acquired lovely house near the National Museum, providing the indigenous groups with a place that really belongs to them and where they feel welcome and at home.

Aventuras Tierra Verde contributed to making this new project possible, by donating for the remodelation of the new premises which are more spacious but cozy at the same time.

We would like to invite you to visit this unique store and museum! This is an excellent opportunity to get to know the richness of Costarican indigenous cultures, to help preserving it, and of course to take home original souvenirs if you like - at a fair price!

Opening hours: Tuestday - Sunday 10 am - 6 pm
Address: San José, Calle 17, Avenidas 2 y 6 (from the South-Eastern corner of the National Museum, 25m South)

The following indigenous communities are participating in the "Chietón Morén" non-profit project:

  • Boruca (Bruncas)
  • Rabraj
  • Los Turí
  • Los Tebel
  • Brunkin o Térraba
  • Rey Curré
  • Grupo Yimba o Quitirrizí / Huétares (Central Valley)
  • San Vicente de Nicoya / Guanacaste (Chorotega)
  • Abrojos, Montezuma
  • Punta Burica


Chietón Morén - Indigenous handicraft at fair prices

Chietón Morén - Indigenous handicraft at fair prices - Chorotega

Chietón Morén - Indigenous handicraft at fair prices - Maleku

Chietón Morén - Indigenous handicraft at fair prices - Bruncas


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