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Great Green Macaws - bird watching Costa Rica

An Eco Tourism Success Story in Costa Rica

... opening a poor, isolated area to tourism.

Presented at the 11th BELL (business environment learning and leadership) Conference Sustainable Technology Development & New Market Creation July 20-22.2005, Cornell University Ithaca, New York.

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Laguna del Lagarto Lodge Owner Makes Positive Impact

Newspaper article from "The Tico Times", 15 December 2006

"Laguna del Lagarto Lodge's contribution to its Northern Zone Community is an example of how ecotourism can affect the well-being and lifestyle of the inhabitants of an isolated area...."

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A Biologist First Impressions of Laguna del Lagarto Lodge

by Dr. Carlos Guindon Standing - Project Coordinator,
Great Green Macaw Research Project

"Even after arriving late the night before, I could not resist the daybreak wakeup call of Mealy Parrots, Montezuna Oropendolas and many other sounds which quickly enticed me into the 500 ha forest right next to the lodge for a pre breakfast walk. I was glad to see that many of the trees along the main trail were tagged with their latin and common names and that they included some of the increasingly rare tropical hardwood giants...".

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Biography of the Founder of Laguna del Lagarto Lodge

Vinzenz Schmack Online Buch

Online Book in German:

Vinzenz Schmack -
"Der lange Weg von Oberschlesien nach Costa Rica"

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Jewels of the Rainforest

Jewels of the RainforestI am a Biologist-Entomologist-Nature Videographer and have lived in Costa Rica for over 4 years. I am the creator and owner of The jewels of The Rainforest Entomological Museum in El Tirol, Heredia, Costa Rica.

Two years ago, Mr. Vinzenz Schmack invited me to his "La Laguna del Lagarto Lodge", a pristine area on a hill surrounded by 1,275 acres of virgin tropical rain forest in the extreme northern part of Costa Rica.

I have traveled extensively throughout Costa Rica in search of natural history subjects in either original, unaltered environment, as material for the various professional educational videos which I have produced here.

La Laguna del Lagarto Lodge and the surrounding tropical forests has provided me with the greatest selection of remarkable natural history material of any location I have so far visited in Costa Rica. Besides the tremendous number and species variety of my favorite subjects, the arthropods (Insects, etc.), this wonderful area is home to over 350 bird species including the rare Great Green Macaw and the Chestnut Bellied Heron! The howler, capuchin and spider monkeys are a common sight here as well as "the last of the Dinosaurs" in the forms of Iguanas, Basilisks, and of course, numerous Caimans in the surrounding lakes! Both red and metallic green Arrow-Poison Frogs occur here in great abundance!

I recommend, without reservation, La Laguna del Lagarto Lodge to anyone desiring the opportunity to be immersed in and to observe first hand the wonder of Central Americas Rainforests. You will not find another location with such easy access to wild tropical nature, while being provided with excellent, safe, accommodations and some of the best food anywhere!

Feel free to contact me at my museum if you desire further commentary regarding La Laguna del Lagarto Lodge.

Richard H. Whitten, Biologist



Laguna del Lagarto Rainforest Lodge

Phone: 2289 8163 (Office San José)
Pital de San Carlos, Boca Tapada 995-1007

7 km (4 miles) North of Boca Tapada:
Latitude: 10.687028 (10N 41' 13.3")
Longitude: -84.180556 (84W 10' 50.0")



Memberships & Certifications

Red Costarricense de Reservas Naturales CST certified - Certificate for Sustainable Tourism International Ecotourism Club Its a green world
Laguna del Lagarto Eco Lodge, Boca Tapada, Costa Rica


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