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Galeria de Fotos La Lapa Verde - Ara ambigua - Fotos Lista de Aves


La Lapa Verde - Birdwatching Costa Rica

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Costa Rica birding

Aventuras Tierra Verde
Aventuras Tierra Verde, Tour Operator Costa RicaSu tour operador en Costa Rica: Nos especializamos en viajes a la medida de primera calidad, con un servicio personalizado y calor humano, a precios justos. Nos especializamos en itinerarios a la medida, tanto para FITs, grupos e incentivos.

Costa Rica birding

Own a Rainforest
A new approach to save the rainforest.

Costa Rica birding

Costa Rican Bird Route
Costa Rican Bird RouteThe Costa Rican Bird Route is the first birding trail of its kind in Central America. Located in the northern region of Costa Rica, this ecotourism project offers a variety of bird watching and nature tourism opportunities. The Bird Route consists of 15 nature reserves specifically chosen for their high diversity of bird species. Most importantly, this region hosts the last remaining habitat in Costa Rica for the endangered Great Green Macaw (Ara ambiguus). The Costa Rican Bird Route offers the best
opportunity to view this species on the planet!

Costa Rica birding

Green Places to StayGreen Places to Stay
This unusual new book encourages many worthwhile people and projects, and adds a dimension that can only add to your pleasure. To stay in a hotel that makes imaginative efforts to reduce its impact on the environment is like meeting an interesting and worthwhile fellow-traveller.

Costa Rica birding

Richard Whitten Collection
Bio Photos by Richard WhittenView Biophotos and take a look at an amazing insect collection, the Richard Whitten Collection has truly beautiful nature pictures, video clips and more. Biologist/Entomologist Richard Whitten, based in Selvatura Park in Monteverde, Costa Rica has dedicated a major part of his life to recording this staggering biodiversity. He has been been collecting and exhibiting insects and other Arthropods for over 50 years and has loosely categorized his collection under the headings of "Big", "Beautiful" and the "Bizarre".

Costa Rica birding

Hide Photography
Professional, comfortable, sustainable photography worldwide.
Hide Photography - Bird watchers paradise in Costa Rica

Costa Rica birding

Diamond Inn Bed & Breakfast
Situated only five minutes from the Juan Santamaría International Airport, in Alajuela,
the Inn offers free transportation from the Airport to the B&B and back to the airport

Costa Rica birding






Laguna del Lagarto Eco Lodge

Phone: 2289 8163 (Office San José)
Pital de San Carlos, Boca Tapada 995-1007

7 Km Norte de Boca Tapada:
Latitude: 10.687028 (10N 41' 13.3")
Longitude: -84.180556 (84W 10' 50.0")



Membresías & Certificaciones

Red Costarricense de Reservas Naturales CST Certificado para la Sostenibilidad Turistica International Ecotourism Club Its a green world
Laguna del Lagarto Eco Lodge, Boca Tapada, Costa Rica

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Laguna del Lagarto Lodge, bosque tropical lluvioso de Boca Tapada, Costa Rica
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